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Hot girls can do whatever these days.  They wear what they
want, say what they want... do what they want!  They are
even FARTING and BURPING more freely!  If you are not
SMOKING HOT then you don't have that same luxury.  So
when your favorite IG model farts and burps and posts
everything she should NOT POST and STILL has 500k
followers you may not get mad but you'll get FART-envy!

JUNE 12TH 2019

Mufasa could not wait to get this load out and it was HUGE!  She must have eaten something that did not agree with her but this load could NOT WAIT to come out.  She literally dropped FIVE POUNDS OF BROWN.

JUNE 1ST 2019

Watching Mufasa's toilet clips is like watching your favorite IG model using the toilet.  Seeing a girl that is SO HOT showing her "private time" on camera will never get old.  2 SUPER HOT toilet scenes!

MAY 23RD 2019

I told Mufasa to Demonstrate exactly how she would UNLOAD on her number one toilet fan.  She has so many dirty fans that would LOVE to have a dump dropped on them.  Just imagine.  Well you don't have to imagine anymore.. she is going to show you!

MAY 15TH 2019

I love Mufasa!  She is one of the SEXIEST fetish girls we have ever seen!  This is a simple concept... one week of toilet visits.  She is a very "unique" and fun talent.  Her videos are very HOT and enjoyable to watch.  So cute.. so NASTY reminds me a lot of PATOOSE!

MAY 7TH 2019

I can only compare her to Luv Rachellee.. I have never seen a girl THIS HOT that really enjoyed being so DIRTY!  She REALLY ENJOYS THIS FETISH... you can just feel it... you can just tell.   America had it..... BJ had it..Petoose is really into it. Sexy Flat..  there are some girls where you just KNOW they are into... and in this clip with MANY scenes you can just tell CAT SHOP CALLIE enjoys this niche!

APRIL 30TH 2019

3 GREAT SCENES but my favorite is when Mufasa took a PUBLIC DUMP at the Movie Theatre in a bathroom full of movie goers!  She looks so hot... so naughty and she LOVE being "dirty" for her adoring fans!

APRIL 22ND 2019

HER FARTS STUNK!  because she really had to use the bathroom.  you know how they smell right before you have to go BEWP!  She kept farting and smelling them and SHE COULD NOT BELIEVE how bad they smelled.  When suddenly she had to RUN to the toilet and boy o boy did she drop the MOTHERLOAD!  It was so big and VIOLENT it was getting ALL OVER THE PLACE!  It was REALLY MESSY and it was A LOT!  It just came SCREAMING outta her ass like a DEMON!  this is a MUST SEE (for the NASTY toilet folks)

APRIL 15TH 2019

It's been a few days and in these 2 toilet clips Mufasa had to do some SPECIAL MOVES to get it out because she was hella BACKED UP!  But when it came out it REALLY came out!  Another CLASSIC toilet clip from the Modern Day Princessoffarts

APRIL 6TH 2019

What is hotter than a sweet innocent girl next door that happens to be SMOKIN' HOT dropping a HUGE LOAD just for her toilet lovers and being all "fetishy" about it in 2 different scenes?  That same girl doing it whilst wearing a sexy BIKINI!

MARCH 30TH 2019

Sexy Mufasa is trying to figure out WHY her farts are so stinky lately?  Could it be the FISH TACOS? Could it be the MACARONI?  maybe it is a combination of both.. but she wants your help.  She is going to stick her round ass in YOUR FACE and TELL YOU TO SNIFF IT to give your opinion of the smell.  These farts were very DEEP and very BASSY.. you will love the SOUND of these rippers!  ends with toilet action!

MARCH 22ND 2019

Mufasa wants you all to know that THIS GIRL CAN FART TOO!  She has been making mainly toilet clips but she does not want you to ever forget her farting skills!  As we say she is a "2 way player".  Enjoy some nice deep QUACKING DUCK FARTS and she ends this clip with A BIG BROWN CUCUMBER!

MARCH 15TH 2019

these are not brownies.. these are CAKES!  Two gigantic loads of them in 2 scenes and Mufasa wants you to HAVE her cakes and EAT THEM TOO!  She even cleans her dirty ass with your tooth brush just so you never forget the taste of her CAKE!  Seeing a girl that LOOKS like this doing a video like this is UN fucking REAL!

MARCH 8TH 2019

I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!!!  I have always wanted sexy Mufasa to do a "fetishy" style clip and this is the one!  

"Hey daddy!  do you mind if a take a dump on you?"

"I am a little sore from you fucking me in my ass last night"

"Come over here and watch me fill up this container"

"Wow.. that's a big log.. almost as big as your dick!"


MARCH 1ST 2019

So Gorgeous... So nasty.. So Pretty so naughty.. So feminine so FILTHY!  I have never seen a HOT CHICK be so dirty.. but I got a theory.. Mufasa secretly has the fetish I KNOW she got the fetish!  She loves this stuff!  This clip she has captured some of her BIGGEST DUMPS yet!  and she loves it... she does not even want to flush it down.. she loves her own FILTH!


Luv Rochelle, Cat Wife, Sharra Chokolate BOO Alexxa, I would put these ladies in my top 4 all time when it comes to making "droppin a duece" sexy!  Rounding out that TOP 5 all time list I would have to put Mufasa aka CAT SHOP CALLIE!  She really has fun with the toilet material.. I kinda think she has "the fetish" herself.  she dances.. she shows off her sexy body and she enjoys smelling and playing with the "load".  On top of that she may be the HOTTEST to ever do this type of thing as well.  Once again making Chocolate suddenly very sexual enjoy another MUST SEE clip from Mufasa!

February 13th 2019

I am learning that Mufasa is a PARTY GIRL!  Just about every night she is out partying and many times that leads to an upset stomach and a GREAT series of toilet clips!  I just love the way she acts when she is tipsy... so sexy and free.. no inhibitions.  just NASTY, EROTIC toilet adventures!!

Welcome to the Mufasa show!  It is a bodily function extravaganza!  Great farts, big dumps and deep bassy belches!  She is the most un-ladylike hot chick on the whole fricken planet!  and she is HOT as fire!

You got a hot girl friend.. she farts a lot...
 if you don't like it.. NEXT!

This is just a no frills fart compilation shot "selfie style" of all of Felicities farts over a two week period.  Sometimes simplicity is the key.  Enjoy all these sexy farts sounds from duck farts to moose farts to squeakers to hissers and everyting in between!
(Mufasa fans she will be back very soon!)

Lola Luv has a problem.  She has not taken a dump in FOUR DAYS!  She has a stomach ache and her farts smell SO BAD!  She likes when you smell them but she warns you.. again.. THEY ARE SO STINKY because she needs to use the toilet.  You insist that the bad smell does not bother you so she continues to fart for you until she comes up with a brilliant idea.  She wants you to FUCK HER ASS so maybe that will "loosen up" some things in there and she can finally go.  So of course you FUCK HER ASS like a maniac and lo and behold she is able to drop that FOUR DAY LOAD!

For this video I decided to pair TWO OF THE GREATEST fart girls that have ever lived.  Empress Mufasa and Selena Loca!  Mufasa brings her very own unique style and Selena Loca brings BIG BOOMING BASS farts!  One petite .. one thicker than a snicker!  Different ends of the spectrum but both a fart lovers DREAM!  Mufasa turns in the most GRAPHIC toilet clips yet and sexy Selena is ripping MOOSE farts all over her house and ends this sexy clip masturbating in the kitchen while she is imagining her biggest fan fucking her in the ass!  BIG WATERY FARTS that will leave you drooling!  I swear.. this clip should be ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS if you ask me!

OH... MY... GOODNESS!  If you can last more than sixty seconds without busting a nut then YOU will get the prize!  This is got to be one of the hottest farting/toilet videos that was ever made!  there are NO WORDS for this!  Mufasa has been doing this a while now and she KNOWS what to do and she KNOWS what we want to see!  MONSTER LOADS....  MONSTER FARTS... captured over a 2 week period from the HOTTEST in the game right now!  looky here guy.. you got ONE MINUTE TO WIN IT!!

THIS IS THE MUTHAFUKIN ONE!  I have lately wondered if Mufasa is the GREATEST MODEL TO EVER LIVE!!! and THIS might just be the video that proves it!  if you like beautiful girls farting THIS IS THE ONE... if you like cute girls dropping mega loads... THIS IS THE ONE!  if you like huge natural breasts... THIS IS THE ONE!  if you like gorgeous petite girls with big hairy bushes.. THIS IS THE ONE!  She looks so pretty in this one.. her boobs are getting BIGGER.. she drops her BIGGEST LOADS and rips her LONGEST AND WETTEST FARTS!  Im telling you right now...
THIS...... IS..... THE..... ONE!!!!!


There is no doubt in my mind that Mufasa is one of the greatest fetish models we have ever seen and this clip solidifies it!  You have never seen a chick THIS HOT doing things THIS EXTREME!  She has already been deemed a "goat" in the fart world but this clip here shows you also that she is a GOAT in the toilet world!  THIS CLIP IS ONLY FOR THE EXTREME TOILET FANATICS!  You have never seen a girl THIS FUCKING CUTE doing these types of things!!!!  Buy this now and see her MEGA LOADS and her MESSY TWERK!  A FILTHY, DIRTY ASS has never looked so DELICIOUS!  ONLY FOR MY TOILET FREEKS!!!!  this clip is TOO FUCKING GOOD I have no choice but to price it in this manner... and for those of you that buy custom videos you will realize this is a BIG BARGAIN!!!


Yes.. I know 85 dollars is a bit steep for a fart fetish clip but... TRUST. .... It is worth EVERY PENNY!  I have been doing this since 2005 and I KNOW in all those years we have NEVER seen anything like this!!  NEVER.  You could argue that she is the HOTTEST MODEL EVER!

You could argue she is one of the BEST farters ever!

SHE CAN DUMPP WITH THE BEST OF THEM! and she is NOT an adult performer.. she is your average "girl next door".  Like your best buddies "freaky daughter" or the "wild baby sitter" or the naughty girl who lives across the street.  THIS CLIP IS SO GOOD!  I promise you 85 DOLLARS is a bargain.  for those of you who buy customs regularly you guys KNOW... 85 dollars is a BARGAIN for this level of content!  In this clip she is so sexy.. so sultry so NAUGHTY ripping HUGE FARTS and dropping HUGE LOADS!!!!!!  SHE IS IN THE CAR.. SHE IS IN PUBLIC.. SHE IS DOING EVERYTHING YOU CAN FRIGGIN THINK OF!!!!

This could be the LAST fart/toilet clip you ever buy, and you would be happy forever!



Candid Callie AKA Mufasa was just the type of girl I imagined to work with way back in 2004 when this idea first came to me.  Hot SMOKING HOT CHICK that LOVES to fart!  She is absolutely NOT embarrassed she farts freely and it does NOT matter who is around!  Family, friends.. guys she might be dating.. no one is safe cuz she ain't holding in farts for nobody!  Gorgeous face.. HUGE BALLOON BOOBS!  tight round ass and HUGE WET FARTS!  This girl is a fart DREAM and she makes it seem like 2004 all over again!  A couple BIG LOADS are also dropped in this compilation taken over a 2 week time frame!


NEW MODEL CANDID CALLIE has the PRETTIEST ASS EVER!  and according to her she has the SMELLIEST ASS EVER!  She eats very healthy and has a very strange diet!  Honestly I can't even spell the things that she eats..  all I know is it is basically a plant based diet with lots of probiotics and all kinds of protein drinks, and smoothies and wheat grass and all that kind of stuff.  She says her farts ALWAYS smell HORRID and when she takes a dump it ALWAYS smells HORRIBLE!  She is on the go a lot so a lot of her clips are going to be IN PUBLIC!  Because she is always IN PUBLIC she usually has to wipe her ass with soap and water because her ASS SMELLS SO BAD AFTER SHE DROPS A BIG LOAD and she often sharts when she farts so she is always having to wash her ass in public!  she drops BIG LOADS and lets you watch and OMG she is maybe THE HOTTEST FART MODEL EVER!  If not the hottest ever she is right there in the top 2 or 3.  THIS IS AMAZING, INCREDIBLE MUST SEE CONTENT FOR FART AND EFFROE LOVERS!!

AUGUST 22nd 2018

 DUDE.  O M G! I am going to have to say that Danica Cheekz has moved into my TOP TEN ALL TIME FART MODELS rather quickly!  I don't know HOW she got SO GOOD... .SO FAST!  Huge farts, BIG ROUND ASS!  she takes MONSTER DUMPS and she puts TONS OF EFFORT into these films!  I told her to film ALL OF HER BODILY FUNCTIONS for a week!  and the results are ASTOUNDING!  THIS CLIP IS SO GOOD!  if you are a BROWNIE LOVER.. buy it.. if you are a FART LOVER... buy it... IF YOU ARE AN ASS LOVER.... buy it!  My favorite thing about this clip is the nasty talk....

"eat my brownie daddy..  Im gonna drop this whole load of brownies on your face"

"take a bite daddy.. do you like how my brownie tastes?"

this is one of the best movies I have seen in all of my years doing this job!!!!


 If you like BASS this is the clip for you!  Danica Cheekz is lettin' fly in tight jeans and ripping muffled farts on soft surfaces and if you like TUBA FART SOUNDS then you gotta see this!  She looks amazing and finishes off this fantastic clip with a GIGANTIC LOG DROP coming outta her ass into the toilet!

JULY 25TH 2018

 Danica Cheeks is looking for a fart slave.  Are you qualified?  She wants to put her ROUND RUMP in your face and let out her DEEP FARTS in your nose and mouth!  Do you like it?  Do you like the smell?  She wants to know so get your face in there like a good boy and INHALE what Danica had for lunch this afternoon!  This clip is LOADED with farts with very little lag time.. shot POV style set to YOU the viewer!  This clip... trust me.. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!  Her ROUND RUMP ripping DEEP FARTS on that soft chair alone is worth a million dollars!  THIS IS A MUST SEE!

JULY 12TH 2018

 What I love about Poisons farts is that they have that P O O T sound to them... imagine a person saying the word "poot" that is exactly what they sound like.  DEEP and gusty and you KNOW they stink!  According to her.. ONION is the prevailing smell coming outta that ass and of course rotten eggs!  ENJOY this long compilation of POOT sounding farts!

JUNE 26TH 2018

 You are TIED UP... your HANDS ARE TIED BEHIND YOUR BACK... you are ON YOUR KNEES!  Now you belong to Poison Envy!  She is going to stick her round ass in your face and fart OVER AND OVER AND OVER again until you pass out!  Onions.. eggs... veggies... all kinds of ROTTEN SMELLS will permeate your nose for 20 min. in this POV fantasy!  SHE EVEN SHOWS YOU THE RAW ONION SHE HAS BEEN EATING!!!  and her only goal is for you to PASS OUT from the stench of her farts!  These farts were HUGE and you will love the sexy DEEP sounds.. nice long and GUSTY rips!

JUNE 14TH 2018

 Poison is a GREAT farter and these are a collection of some of the BEST FARTS she has ever sent me... and that's saying a lot!  THESE FARTS ARE LOUD!  Sounds like she is ripping her asshole in half! and her ass looks so fuckin' good you will want to LICK THE SCREEN!  This movie is loaded with HUGE BUBBLY FARTS with very little lag time..  it is 22 MINUTES LONG!

MAY 29TH 2018

 Poison has such powerful farts she is able to move fabric with them!  And she details this fact in this clip!  There are plenty of over sexy candid IN YOUR FACE TYPE angles in this 20 min. MOVIE as well!  Her ass looks spectacular and these farts are LOUD!  and LONG!  so get ready to be blown away!

MAY 14TH 2018

 MASSIVE deep long farts... MASSIVE round ass bringing those EGGY farts right to your nose POV style.... a MASSIVE amount of farts being ripped in this 20 MINUTE film with a MASSIVE DUMPP being unloaded at the end...  there is NOTHING you will not LOVE about this clip if you are an EFROW lover, FART lover or BIG BOOTY lover!  This clip is a MUST SEE!

APRIL 28TH 2018

Poison wanted to see which scenario created the most RUMBLY deep sounding farts.  Sitting on her foot, farting with a stuffed toy lodged up her ass?  farting on a pillow or a towel?  This is a WEIRD SCIENCE experiment that you do not want to miss!

APRIL 14TH 2018

In this HUGE compilation of farts taken over 2 weeks Poison had REALLY BAD GAS!  I don't know what she has been eating lately but these farts were HUGE!  You will love the sounds.. a lot of "multitoned" farts in this one.. Sounded like her ass was actually saying words!  Those are my favorite types of farts.  She is your girlfriend in this POV fantasy and she farts for you casually for 2 weeks straight!

MARCH 29TH 2018

In this fantastic set of 4 SCENES Poison Envy is dropping MAJOR LOADS!  I would have to guess at least 3 POUNDS each load!  She is definitely one of the HEAVY HITTERS in this toilet game and her LAWGGZ are always nice THICK and LONNNNG!  You are gonna love this FULL LENGTH MOVIE!

MARCH 15TH 2018

I promised myself I would never call one single video the GREATEST VIDEO EVER MADE ever again.  There are so many models... so many videos.. it is very hard to single one ONE VIDEO and call it the greatest video ever.... BUT.... Mileena Loca has kind of left me no other choice.  I am editing it... I am watching it... trying to figure out what to call it.... and over and over again.. I just kept saying to myself... "this is the greatest fart video I ever seen"  OMG.. she is SO HOT!  Selena Loca's face on a completely different body type.. slim with round apple bottom...  and the FARTS.. OMG.. these are some of the GREATEST FARTS EVER!   BETTER THAN SELENA'S farts!!! I just don't think I have ever seen a girl that looks like this fart like that!  I mean yes.. we know bigger thicker girls with bigger thicker asses are going to be able to create amazing farts but I have never heard or seen someone built like her fart like that!  Not since the original Jackie the Ripper have I seen a petite chick rip BRITTANY MOORE... EVE TABOO type farts!  I hope you forgive me for once again calling a video the greatest video ever... but once you see it... I think you will agree with me 100%


NAME THAT FART!  Milena Loca is a mixture of some of the greatest farters of all time!  Think about all the great RIP ARTISTS from the past and Milena rips EVERY TYPE OF FART you can think of in this FULL LENGTH FART MOVIE!  Personally I am hearing mostly Brittany Moore and Original Jackie the Ripper but you can be your own judge.  Very WET, LOUD AND EXPLOSIVE and she definitely RUINS HER PANTIES in the first scene of the FART FETISH FILM!  Jeans, spandex, leggings and panties you get to see and hear it all from one of the worlds TOP MODELS of 2018!


I have been in it from the very beginning.  I Have seen most of the fart clips that have been made since the internet was created.  And based on what I know.. THIS fart clip should be priced at ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!  Lighting has striked twice!  As AMAZING as Selena Loca has been her sister is JUST AS GOOD!  Some could even argue BETTER!  She is EXTREMELY Beautiful with a nice round apple bottom and she might be ONE OF THE BEST FARTERS OF ALL TIME!  She farts like Debbie Disturrbed... Brittany Moore..... Eve Taboo.. the list goes on and on if you are thinking about prolific farters!  This clip she is wearing TIGHT JEANS ONLY and since I do it for the CULTURE I will NOT price this clip at a THOUSAND DOLLARS... even though it would be well worth it!


Tight Jeans, Spandex, panties.. Sexy Milena Loca is putting on a FART CLINIC proving once and for all she is up there with the GREATEST FARTERS OF ALL TIME!  Right there with Brittany.. right there with Jackie the Ripper.. right there is Eve Taboo and Debbie Disturrbed!  She is so HOT and her beautiful and her ass looks so ROUND and full.. you will be in LOVE with Miss Milena and most importantly you will be in love with her AMAZING FARTS SOUNDS!


Milena Loca put on a pair of funky psychodelic leggings and she is farting in your face POV style!  She is being very sexy and fetishy asking you "do you like it" and telling you.. "it's all for you baby" but she is also dominant at times.. "TAKE IT"  her ass looks delicious and these farts were HUGE and WET!  That ass is just begging to have a face buried in it!  You will become a FANATIC for these farts!


It's like the hunger games are going on in her pants!  Brittany Moore, Lexxxi Lockhart, Eve Taboo, Debbie Disturrbed.. now add MILENA LOCA to that long list of WORLD CLASS FARTERS!  I have NEVER heard so much BUBBLE and BASS coming out of such a small frame.. plus she is SO CUTE!  She looks just like SELENA LOCA in the face with a smaller framed body!  Fart lovers.. you are going to LOVE THIS GIRL!


WATCH OUT.. Debbie Disturrbed... WATCH OUT... Original Jackie the Ripper... WATCH OUT...Brittany Moore...  Milena Loca is coming for you!  Let me tell you guys.. THIS GIRL CAN FART!  She has even got SELENA beat in the fart department.. WAIT TILL YOU HEAR THESE FARTS..  Right now I would say she is a mixture of Debbie, Brittany with a little Nikole Kidme sprinkled in for good measure.. LONG, DEEP, WATERY BUBBLERS!  Who knew all that GASS could fit in that ass!  and that ass is looking GOOD in those tight jeans!  this is a MUST SEE CLIP!


Another GEM from the FIRST FAMILY OF FART QUEENS!  the FARTASHIANS.. aka the LOCA'S.. I am proud to introduce to you Milena Loca!  She has her own style and you will FALL IN LOVE just like I did.  To compare.. She looks IDENTICAL to Selena in the face but she is smaller and slimmer.. but still got that BIG OL ASS!  I guess she would be the "Kourtney" of the crew.  But let me tell you this she may be the BEST FARTER OF THEM ALL!  Even better than her sister SELENA!  She also has the EXACT personality as Selena.  Sexy, funny, cute and fun.. Selena can be heard off camera DESCRIBING HOW BAD HER SISTERS FARTS SMELL!  Selena says her farts smell like  a SKUNK!  I wish I could have been there to give my opinion!  So with no further ado meet Milena the NEW face of FartEnvy.com


Not only are Poisons lawgs usually 12 inches or more but they are HELLA THICK too!  Seems like they are LONG and 2-3 inches thick too!  I am sure in these 2 SCENES her asshole had to GAPE to have her BEWP escape from her asshole.  These lawgs look like a GROWN MANS FOREARM!


Poison the QOP wanted to show you her skills SQUADDY PODDY style in two separate scenes because she feels in this position it helps her get ALL OF IT OUT of her system!  This is pretty straight forward.. two scenes.. two thick 2 and a half foot MEGA LAWWGS!  Put them together what do you have? 5 FEET OF BEWP!


All the girls have their "thing".  Veronica, one of the hottest to ever do this, Debbie overall the best model ever! Selena, the top selling model of all time by a thousand miles!  yadda yadda yadda.. I could go on.. Poison is very high up there on the "best ever" list but one thing she stands alone in... she is the UNDISPUTED QUEEN OF THE TOILET VIDEO!  and I am not just talking C World.. I mean THE WHOLE WORLD! BETTER THAN ANA D. BETTER THAN LOVE RACH. BETTER THAN SHARA CHOC.  she is the QUEEN OF BEWP! and clip by clip I am going to prove this to the world!  


Poisons ass looks so hot in her tight pink stockings!  Her farts sound so DEEP, LONG and GUSTY her ass is roaring like an ANGRY PANTHER!  Already "one of the best" Poison is adding to her legacy everyday!  Her farts sound DEEP even in the pink stockings and as always she says they STINK of ROTTEN ONION!


Beautiful girls say they "don't fart" but they are LIARS!  Watching this compilation from Poison Envy.. look at her gorgeous face.. listen to the LOUD farting coming from her ass.. watch her facial expressions as her RAUNCHY FARTS waft up to her nose!  This is a HOT CLIP and Poison.. baby I wanna kiss!  MUAH!


It sucks being in the car for a long time, it sucks even worse when you CAN'T STOP FARTING!  Mushrooms give Poison RAUNCHY GAS and she is HOT BOXING herself in the car with those awful fumes.  You will LOVE her sexy facial expressions and you will also LOVE the way these DEEP farts sound reverberating off the leather car seats.. but most importantly.. those sexy facial expression while she is pushing out those LONG HUMMERS!... those get me every time!  

Poison has been eating a LOT of food lately which means BIG BIG DUMPING!  So after dropping a MASSIVE MORNING LOAD she has to take extra care in cleaning that BIG ROUND ASS!  So that is what you get to see here... LOGG DROPPING and a sexy farty shower scene.. YES it is the morning so she still has a bit of MORNING GAS after pulverising the porcelain!  She even got some good fart bubbles after soaping up that big perfect booty!


 Poison has SO MUCH gas today and these DEEP HORN FARTS stink!  Pretend you are the stuffed toy and it is YOU that has his nose BURIED in her asshole as she expels these LONG MOOO'ING farts!  "I love when you smell them"  "Do you like the way that smells?" "Be careful they are really BAD today"  You will love the things that she is saying during this clip!  The smell so RAUNCHY that both of you are trying to figure out where that smell is coming from.. then LATER in the clip she takes you into the bathroom while she takes a MEGA DUMP and as you can see the DUMP is as equally as smelly as the farts were!


 You have had a hard day at work so POISON wants to make all your dirty fantasies come true today.  First she is going to do a VERY SEXY fart dance, shaking  her ass, TWERKING and farting in your face then she is going to walk you into the bathroom so you can watch her DROP A MASSIVE LOAD!  MAN O MAN all that dancing must have really got her stomach going!  She squats on the toilet and you watch her LET IT ALL OUT! Squatting REALLY helps you empty your insides!


 Poison is really a FREAK!  She wants you to eat her POOP!  She is blowing RUMBLY PRE POOP FARTS right on your nose and talking really dirty to you!  "Smell your dinner baby, it's coming"  "I want you to eat my "SHIT"  She is blowing it RIGHT UP YOUR NOSE than soon after she drops a MEGA LOGGY LOAD so you can eat it!  THIS GIRL MAKES LOGS!  I have a new knick name for her.. POOP LOGGY LOGG!


Poison was doing her morning exercise routine when all of a sudden the urge to take her morning DUMPP hit her.  She start off exercising and farting.. She farts a LOT when she is exercising.. as most people do.. but these farts are HUGE and they SMELL!  She could tell a BIG LOAD was coming and OMG was it BIG!  After exercising and farting for a bit you see her RUSH to the bathroom to let out this MEGA LOAD!  I mean these LOGGS were GIGANTIC!  She definitely looked like THE 3 LEGGED WOMAN during this clip!  This is a fart clip slash toilet clip that is a MUST SEE!


I would have to say Debbie and Poison are
two of my BEST clip makers!  Poison has
been eating a lot of veggies lately because
 meat gives her a tummy ache sometimes.
Veggies don't give her a stomach ache but
they do give her A LOT OF GAS!  In this clip
she pretends YOU are laying under her FULL
ROUND apple bottom and she keeps blowing
ROTTEN VEGGIE FARTS on your nose and
mouth over and over again.. I can almost
smell the farts in this one they were so
LONG and Rumbly!

SEPTEMBER 21st 2017

These farts are so LONG AND MUSTY I could
almost taste the room filling up with the smell
of ROTTEN MILK FARTS as each rip came out!
Poison works out a lot, which means she eats a lot!
Short Rib Nachos and a Vanilla Shake for dessert
AKA... too..much... DAIRY for her tiny tummy!
LONG, DRAWN OUT MOANERS from a big round
RUMP! will make you feel like you are on some farm
in Omaha Nebraska... MOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

SEPTEMBER 14th 2017

I love the way her ass looks when she sits like
this!  It's so big, so round  and full!  More importantly
I love how this pose makes her farts sound super
RUMBLEY!  These LONG DEEP FARTS just vibrate
off her her foot, I bet it tickles!  I call her RUMBLE FOOT!

SEPTEMBER 7th 2017

You love the way Poisons farts smell right before she
has to POOP!  She has to go BAD too!  So she lets you
sniff some before she sits down to drop a MASSIVE LOAD!
But HURRY cuz she REALLY GOTTA GO!  Her ass looks so
THICK AND ROUND in these jeans and the farts are RUMBLY
and very FUNKY SMELLING! and O  M  G ...... she runs and
drops a MEGA LOAD with SUPER THICK TURDS!  This is
a fart clip toilet clip combo THAT THE WORLD HAS TO SEE!!

AUGUST 29th 2017

Poison has BAD GAS this week and her farts
are REALLY SMELLY!  You love it when she sits
this way in leggings and although her farts smell
SO BAD she can barely stand it she sits there and
lets you INDULGE in her FUNKY RUMP!  She asks
you from time to time.. "why do I have to sit like this"

AUGUST 22nd 2017

YEP.  You are seeing right.. she ate 5 ONIONZ and she is
just WARNING YOU how bad they are going to smell!  OMG
could you imagine burying your face in that ROUND ASS!
The smell of BAD ONIONS blowing on your nose and mouth!
if you can't get with that then homie....  KILL YO SELF!!

AUGUST 14th 2017

Poison Envy wants to be the BEST EVER and she is NOT playing
around... at. all.  I have never seen someone so SERIOUS about
that TAN.. THAT BODY... she is playing NO GAMES.

AUGUST 6th 2017

We have a simple philosophy around here..
If you don't have the potential to be the BEST EVER
then you can't be a "C World Girl".  It's that simple.
Poison is GORGEOUS, a great great farter, petite
but still has that FULL, ROUND APPLE BOTTOM!
She knows what fart lovers want to see!  She sent this clip
and informed me that she is going to be the BEST EVER!
and you know what I told her in return?  GAME OVER.
JULY 30th 2017

So you finally take your hot new girl friend Poison to
meet all of your friends.  You guys went to a BBQ
and all of your buddies were giving you props on
landing this MEGA hot chick!  She was on her best
behaviour until she got home and started farting
LIKE A CRAZY WOMAN!  It was all of that food at
the grill out.. she is not used to eating all that meat
and she really feels like she ate too much!  Fart after
fart after fart she keeps ripping but she looks
SO HOT.. you really don't even care.  At least
she waited until you guys got home!

JULY 22nd 2017
Holy Shit I love it when girls sit in this position!
It's something about this pose that makes a girls
farts sound AWESOME!  Plus her ass looks HUGE!
My girl Poison is kinda in a bratty mood today.
Just sitting there FARTING NON STOP!  I think
she wants me to rub her feet or something but
after hearing these MONSTER BUBBLY FARTS
I realize she is giving her SELF a foot massage!
(This is a POV fart movie set to YOU the viewer)

JULY 14th 2017
Don't let the pretty face fool you.. this girl can FART!
Not since Peteuse have I seen a girl so PETITE
that can fart so BIG!  And they are DEEP..  lots
of BASS usually.. Petite Bass.  Very Girly like
Peteuse.. I love the extra "feminine" fart girl!
She is talking to you like a FART LOVING boyfriend
in this one POV style.. so get out the lotion and ENJOY!

JULY 7th 2017
SHE IS SUCH A HOTTIE!  So sexy, so girly
very feminine and a fun and funny personality!
Sexy toned body, nice round ass and HUGE farts!
(what is it with these girls and onions?!) and they are
so POWERFUL I wish I could smell them! and she is being
so CUTE and FLIRTY.. you will FALL IN LOVE!  Just like I did!

JUNE 29th 2017
Baby Gurl came home from a long day at work and she
is not in a very good mood.  On top of that she got BAD GAS
LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER!  Cute as HELL with her sexy skirt on
and high heels but crabby as HELL and very farty!  She keeps
farting like a CRAZY WOMAN and they are HUGE!  And she
is NOT in the mood for any funny comments about her GAS!
So you just have to sit there and take it... like a man.  Next day
same thing.. but this time she was farting so POWERFULLY
she was moving her skirt around with her farts!  I love my
FART MONSTER cute little girlfriend! (this video is POV style)

JUNE 21st 2017
She looks so GIRLY AND FEMININE but yet she is ripping
some of the BIGGEST, MOST EXPLOSIVE farts I have ever
heard!  And she does it so calmly!  As you can see in the
preview pics she even has to check herself after some of these
farts because they are so BUBBLEY AND WET!  I don't know how
so much AIR can fit into her little body!  And she is so unbothered.
Like.. "yea, I just shit myself... so what.. and."

JUNE 14TH 2017
and I don't know what she has been eating but these
farts are GINORMOUS.. HUMONGOUS... and any other
"GOUS' you can think of!  I guess New Year .. New PE
right about now she like "new phone who dis?"

JUNE 7TH 2017
Beautiful girls farting is a great turn on for me.
Sometimes it is a turn on for the girl farting as well!
Poisons farts are so POWERFUL that the vibration of
her asshole often times makes her pussy wet and she
has to masturbate IMMEDIATELY!  I am turned on, you
are turned on, we might as well "cum together".

MAY 31st 2017
She has this look on her face after ever fart like
"What is that smell?!" and MY GOODNESS were they DEEP!
Low and Slow like a TUBA solo!  You will not believe that
THESE farts are coming outta THIS pretty little thing...

MAY 24th 2017
Beautiful face, curvy thick body, sexy lingerie.
Poison Envy is a picture of beauty all dolled up and
here to please you!  But these farts are not so pretty.
you cannot believe they are coming outta her!
This hottie look lika woman but FART LIKE A MAN!

MAY 17th 2017
These is a DREAM FART CLIP!  She is looking so sexy!
She is wearing super sexy outfits and doing all the
poses you love but most importantly.. THESE FARTS!
These bad boys were LOW!  I mean BARATONE LOW!
Each long and gusty fart sounded like she was doing
her very own TUBA SOLO!  and this clip is LOADED!

MAY 10th 2017
Veronica Redd?  Santana Secretz?  Poison Envy is like a
combination of 2 of my favorite models. Veronica Secretz
and Santana Redd!  That sex appeal of Veronica S. but yet
that "playfulness" and "girly" femininity of Santana.  And
THIS GIRL CAN FART!  Now in the fart department she is
more compared to EVE TABOO or BRITNEY MOORE or
DEBBIE DISTURRED!  In this clip she is looking so SEXY
and HOT and ripping MONSTER farts with a lot of variety!
DEEP and bassy.. multi-toned, long and GUSTY.. you name
it, it came outta her ass!  Let's play... "name that sound"

MAY 2ND 2017
Don't let the sexy leggings fool you.. Poison is
GOING TO WAR with these farts!  It literally sounded
like WORLD WAR THREE inside her pants in this video!
She looks so sexy in this one wearing leggings, jeans,
and cute panties but THESE FARTS!  OMG sounded like
a machine gun coming outta her ass!  I know you want to
sniff them.. but I got a better idea... GET TO THE CHOPPA!

APRIL 25th 2017
Slow movements, sexy lingerie and cute pantie sets!
But most importantly POWERFUL, DEEP FARTS!
I have not seen many "petite" girls fart like PE!
Always HUGE always LOW TONED and always BIG!
She is kinda like Debbie Deb in that no matter what
her clip is about it will be great because the farts
will always be great!  So sit back, relax and get ready
go CUM cuz Poison Envy if your "Private Dancer"

APRIL 21st 2017
I don't know if it is the sexy SOUNDS of her deep farts!
Or the way her ass moves around and sticks out!
Or the POWERFUL SMELL of BAD ONIONS that is permeating
the air from her RAUNCHY BAD GAS!  but I am getting very sleepy!
It could be because 45 seconds into the video I COULD NOT WAIT
TO BUST A NUT so I came all over my computer screen!  Now
THAT could be the reason.. but this video got me ON ONE!

APRIL 16TH 2017
Watching her saunter back and forth, swaying
me to a special place!  A place of fart girl bliss!
These may be the LOUDEST farts I ever heard..
and POWERFUL!  She had a LOT of gas and it
could not wait to get out of her ass!  Then she
sticks that ROUND BOOTY out so you can sniff!
OH ohhh. oh. Sweet Fart O Mine!

APRIL 12TH 2017
She is just getting started and I am struggling to come up with
5 girls that are better than her!  It's like she has been watching
everyone do there thing... and studying.. lurking in the background
because her clips are TOO GOOD.... TOO FAST!  As I said before
every model has their "thing".  What I am noticing about Poison is
the "sound" of her farts!  I LOVE THIS SOUND!  I don't know how to
decribe it but but it is a very DEEP sound!  Not exactly bassy deep
but LOW deep!  REAL FETISHISTS will know what I am talking about.
Kinda sorta like Peteuse.  I can't really think of anyone else.. but it is
the kind of fart sound where even the smaller ones sound SEXY AS HELL!
and... LOOK AT THAT ASS!  look at the way those panties hug that thing!!

APRIL 8TH 2017
HOLY FUCK!  Nobody told me this girl was THIS GOOD!
I had NO IDEA!  She sent me a couple of clips  and I had to
build her her own site IMMEDIATELY!  She has the farting ability of a
Debbie Disturrbed... filming style of Santana Redd and the cute,
fun girl next door vibe of Peteuse!  Let me tell you something...
THIS GIRL CAN FART!  In this one she is ripping POWERFUL deep
farts that are moving her dress all over the place when she farts!
And according to her the smell was of EGGS.... and.. ONIONZ!
This is just one clip but it alone is WORTH THE PRICE OF a subscription!