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Hot girls can do whatever these days.  They wear what they
want, say what they want... do what they want!  They are
even FARTING and BURPING more freely!  If you are not
SMOKING HOT then you don't have that same luxury.  So
when your favorite IG model farts and burps and posts
everything she should NOT POST and STILL has 500k
followers you may not get mad but you'll get FART-envy!

JANUARY 24th 2020

It's hard to make a sexy face fart clip when Mufasa is farting SO LOUD they both can't stop laughing..  still sexy to me though.. in fact loud farts are ALWAYS sexy!

JANUARY 19th 2020

 Four of the hottest girls in the game
getting together to sniff each others LOUD farts!
  It just does not get any better than this!  Just wish
 I could sniff those asses!!

JANUARY 10th 2020

 Dakota has brought her lil sis and her friend into the fart game.  What the did not expect is BIG LONG STINKY FARTS being blown in there faces.  These are Dakota's BEST FARTS YET and each MULTI TONED BUBBLER is being blown in a very pretty sexy face.. these girls are SO HOT together.. the look like a pop group or something..   "farties angels"


 WHAT IN THE FUCK IS GOING ON??!  I have no idea.. MUSFASA and her lil sis MILEY MONTANA burying each others faces in each others ROUND PERFECT ASSES and sniffing each others GUSTY FARTS!  I have lost control of this company.. I don't know what is happening.. but..   ME LIKEY!  HELTAH SKELTAH MER NER NER NER NER!


 Yes we have a NEW MODEL! her name is Miley Montana and she is the "lil sis" of Mufasa and Dakota and she may just be the WILDEST ONE yet!  Watch her MELF Dakota's face with what Dakota describes as THE STINKIEST FART SHE EVER SMELLED!  no joking around.. she said they smelled REAL BAD!  So now we bring yet another FART SNIFFING SISTER into the family... ladies and gentlemen MILEY MONTANA!


 Both Mufasa and Dakota had scrambled EGGS for breakfast so later they decided to go outside into the cold air and blow HOT ROTTEN EGG FARTS in each others faces!  this is so fucking HOT!

DECEMBER 14th 2019

 In this CUSTOM FANTASY Mufasa and Dakota are having too much fun DOUBLE TEAMING your face by taking turns FARTING ON YOUR NOSE.  You have been a BAD BOY and this is your PUNISHMENT (or reward)

DECEMBER 6th 2019

 Popeyes is taking too long to get Dakota her food so she decides to start FARTING IN THE PUBLIC DINING ROOM to get some attention... well she did.. the guy sitting in front of her heard her DEEP RUMBLY FARTS!


 Dakota is sniffing her sisters farts and they are SO STRONG that she can smell them through the shower curtain.  she said the hot steamy environment made them EXTRA BAD.  I wish I was there to weigh in.

NOVEMBER 22nd 2019

 Both Mufasa and Dakota had a big bowl of BEEF STEW.  And according to both of them their farts smelled like DIARRHEA!  First Mufasa would fart in Dakota's face then Dakota would fart in Mufasa's face.  They took turns sniffing each others LONG AND BUBBLY farts.. this is so fucking HOT!

NOVEMBER 14th 2019

 Look I have NO IDEA what got into these girls but lets keep it going as long as we can.  Before they wake up and ask themselves WHAT ARE WE DOING?  This is FUCKING HOT!

NOVEMBER 9th 2019

 The title says it all.  the FART SNIFFING SISTERS are back sharing love.. sharing farts and really stinking up the place.  Both of them have bad gas and these farts were RUMBLY and seeing them kiss and play with each others boobies bring a level of joy I did not think I could reach.

OCTOBER 29th 2019

 these are the RAUNCHIEST NAUGHTIEST DIRTIEST GIRLS IN THE GAME!  They like to get nasty anywhere.   it does not matter to them if they are in PUBLIC they will get DIRTY where ever they want even if it means DUMPING IN PUBLIC even if it means SNIFFING EACH OTHERS FARTS in public!

OCTOBER 22nd 2019

HOLY FUCK BALLZ!  Let the drinks flow let the music flow and you never know what might happen!  I don't know about Aquarius but this is the DAWN OF A NEW DAY in fart fetish...  WE HAVE REACHED THE NEXT FUCKING LEVEL!  This is so FUCKING INSANE there is not point in trying to describe it.

OCTOBER 14th 2019

Mufasa is so SCORCHING HOT that Dakota, her OWN SISTER wanted to bury her face in her ass and sniff her RAUNCHY FARTS!  Mufasa had a big plate of tuna casserole earlier and her farts are EXTRA STINKY!  Dakota started SNIFFING MUFASA'S ASSHOLE after a LOUD RIPPER then instantly regretted it when she got a whiff of that TUNA FART.. but she got her sister back with some EGGY FARTS of her own!

OCTOBER 7th 2019

Apparently you are a "lil bitch" in Mufasa's eyes because she BLOWS DEEP BASSY SMELLY BELCHES right in your face and you complain about the smell.  She blows DUCK SOUNDING farts in your face and you complain about the smell.. WAH WAH WAH... stop being a LIL BITCH.   she is being a hot BRAT in this one!

SEPTEMBER 28th 2019
Mufasa proves she can be a BRAT at times. she is treating you as a fart slave today.  As your hot girlfriend in this clip she is sick and tired of you complaining about her STINKY GAS.. shes hot and she can fart if she wants to.. so just open your nose and mouth and ENJOY.

SEPTEMBER 22nd 2019
These MUFFLED, long farts were so stinky
that Poison could not believe you were
back there smelling them.  The smell
was going to HER nose immediately
and she was wondering "how can you
take this smell?" directly in your nose.
they were so BAD she was actually laughing

Get your nose right into Poison's ass and she is going to FART UP A STORM.  But be careful.. she said these farts smelled just like KAT FOOD.. and I know that smell...  I find it sexy.. what about you?

You will never get the smell of
ROTTEN EGGS off of your face!
turn your face into liquid ash!

Poison told me her farts smell like
corn in this video.. and she said she
did NOT have corn that day.. she is
farting on your nose so you can get
 a quick sample of the weird smell!

AUGUST 28TH 2019
Lola has been constipated for the last 5 days
and because of that her farts smell HORRIBLE
She is trying to DROP THAT LOAD but she needs
your help.  She starts off by sitting in her favorite
postion and farting.. but that does not help.  She
just keeps farting STINKERS as she sits backwards
on the chair.  Finally you FUCK HER ASSHOLE and
that helps her to GET IT ALL OUT.  So then both
you guys run to the toilet and she drops that
5 day load while rewarding you with a blowjob!

AUGUST 24TH 2019
Lola has picked out all of her favorite panties
 and she is going to fart in ALL of them for us!
 Welcome to the party!

AUGUST 16TH 2019
When you are letting out LONG WET, EXPLOSIVE
 FARTS sometimes you have to
really PUSH to get out all that gas!  Check
out the FACIAL EXPRESSIONS she had to make
in order to get out these DEEP, MULTI TONED

In 2 sexy poses LL farts one after
the other with very little lag time!
Some of these farts were so POWERFUL
they sounded like they HURT coming out!
plus a little POV SEX to end it just right!

JULY 31st 2019

 I have never seen such a petite, fit
chick release such POWERFUL farts
outta her sweet little bottom.  I don't
know how she is able to hold all that
AIR in that tiny body.  She is like a
cute and cuddly GODZILLA!

JULY 21st 2019

 Back once and for all to prove she is the KING of the FARTING JUNGLE Mufasa is back with an AMAZING fart clip for all her loyal fans!  So many hot farting girls on the scene and she is one of the hottest of them all.  The BUSH..  the BOOBS... the pretty face.. the HUGE WET FARTS!  all hail to the FARTING KING!

JULY 13TH 2019

Dakota is a FREEKY FREEK!  She will fart for you and beg you to EAT HER ASS even if you are at a PUBLIC PARK!  She is livin' her best life and she does not care who knows it!  She is wild and free and SO SEXY!  So who cares of PEOPLE ARE WATCHING get behind her.. eat her ass while she rips WET AND DISGUSTING farts on your nose and mouth!

JULY 6TH 2019

Dakota has been eating RADISHES again.  Whenever she eats radishes her farts smell SO BAD!  She could not stop farting and she was stinking up the whole house so her family MADE HER LEAVE!  So she went out to let out her HORRENDOUS GAS in public.. and she brought her camera with her!

JUNE 27TH 2019

Dakota had a "bad salad" and her farts
and she is so upset that you are not there
with her to smell these ROTTEN FARTS!
So she demonstrated on a plush toy
what she would do if you were there
and my favorite part.. she says to you
"smell it.. smell it baby" over and over!