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Hot girls can do whatever these days.  They wear what they
want, say what they want... do what they want!  They are
even FARTING and BURPING more freely!  If you are not
SMOKING HOT then you don't have that same luxury.  So
when your favorite IG model farts and burps and posts
everything she should NOT POST and STILL has 500k
followers you may not get mad but you'll get FART-envy!



Mufasa can't understand why your face is not buried into her JEAN BUTT as she rips fart after muffled deep fart in her skin tight blue jeans....  get down there already.. and SNIFF IT!

This is the type of challenge I would love to see on tik tok!  Imagine Debbie fucking BLASTING your face with watery blubbery WET SOUNDING farts over and over again... after she has SEALED YOUR MOUTH CLOSED!  if you can stand the STENCH without passing out she will give you a wet and wild BLOW JOB at the end!!

Pretty Nicole was farting so VIOLENTLY that she ending up filling her panties with a big STINKY LOAD!  I guess she is ok with that because she just farted all over it after it came out!  later in the clip she gave you a nice sloppy POV blowjob to settle your nerves!!

Watch sexy NICOLE BLAZE rip LONG BUBBLY FARTS while soaping and washing that big sexy ass!  HOTTEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR!

in this POV FANTASY you and your girlfriend have been fighting all day..  you guys just got home from dinner and she has BAD GAS!  you hear her farting in the other room and ask for a sniff...  even tho you guys are fighting!  she is a good girlfriend so she still comes to fart in your face even tho she is pissed at you.  and some of them are 10 SECONDS LONG!  she comes each time, sticks her round ass in your face.. rips a BIG ONE then tells you to "fuck off"...  LATER in the clip you guys make up and FUCK and she farts while you guys are fucking too!  what a great girlfriend Santana Redd is!


Mufasa need to take a DUMP really bad!  but you stopped her on the way to the bathroom to get in a little "quickie"... so you guys start having POV FART SEX and she is FARTING THE WHOLE TIME!  BRUMMPPH! with every sexy stroke.. but you are fucking her good.. and she is going to come quickly and she tells you this.. but she also reminds you that she needs to take a dump and she farts on your cock stroke by stroke!!!

Dakota has entered the GOAT conversation and she is ready to give Debbie, Santana and all the other GOATS a run for their money!  LOOK AT THAT PHAT ASS!  Watch her PEE all over your face and rip some of the most BUBBLY DEBBIE DISTURRED type farts she has ever captured on camera for us!!

In this POV fantasy you are sitting keeping your mom company while she does chores around the house.  she keeps farting.. a LOT!  you ask her can you sniff them and she comes over and SMOTHERS your face with her big round butt!  but she warns you first.. they STINK today and that she needs to use the toilet!

She always comes into my room to fart and every time she farts she lifts her leg.. BRUMPHH BRUMPHH BRUMPHH!  she is like a gassy AK 47!  POOT POOT POOT!! and the WAFTS the smell to me..  EWWW!

She should NOT have had that steak earlier.....RED MEAT does awful things to Santana's stomach.  her farts smell really strong of SULFUR when she eats meat.. she knows they are bad because she can smell them too.. but still you are on your knees waiting for the next BRUUMMMPPH!  because for your nose the STINKIER the better!  (POV FACE FARTS)

blowing the eggs RIGHT IN YOUR FACE at the same time she eats them!! her face is so sexy as she lets out those LONG MULTI-TONED farts all over her slaves nose and mouth.. she looks so RELIEVED!  and you can tell they were BAD just by the way they sounded.. MMMMmmmm I wish that was me back there!

Once again Santana Redd takes on the VIRAL TICK TOCK CHALLENGE of trying to predict what your fart is going to sound like.  She says in the video.. "guess my fart".. then she predicts exactly what sound she thinks her farts will make and then she pushes it out.  She was pretty close in her predictions too.. the only mistake she made was not making her predicted farts LONG enough.. cuz these bad boys were long deep and MULTI-TONED!!

I was walking by and the UNTHINKABLE happened!  My Step-Mom was laying on the floor, and she kept farting over and over again.. and I could smell them from the other room..  then she tells me "hey son come over here and stick your nose into my butt"  I do like to smell her farts.. so I did it..  I am not proud of it.. but THEN she slowly pulled down her tight leggings and asked me to "eat mommies ass".  She kept on farting.. they had a rotten smell to them and her asshole looked so good.. so YES.. I did it..  I ate my STEP-MOMS asshole out..  I am so ashamed and embarrassed!!

You walk into the room and you see your hot girlfriend having lunch and you decide to have a seat next to her on the floor and talk with her for a bit.  but then she starts farting CONSTANTLY and they STINK!  they keep coming back to back and you are amazed that she can sit there in that FART CLOUD and eat food!

In this CUSTOM FANTASY every time your step-mom comes into your room she LIFTS UP HER LEG and FARTS!  She does it to make you laugh.. but they STINK and she thinks its funny..  "hey clean your room PARP... Dinners ready PARP..  Hey your friend is here PARP" and she always lifts her leg!!  why???

if you would like your own custom email us at info at c world ent . com

Just like the girls do on U TOOB I had our SANTANA REDD try on all of her TIGHTEST JEANS and show the perfect fit on her ROUND ROUND ass!.. and she was ripping LONG LOW TONED FARTS the whole fucking time!  with out a doubt this is one of the hottest jean fart vids ever!!!!


My best friend told me the other day that my STEP-MOM ripped a long fart and let him sniff it because she thought it was funny and cute.  I was so MAD end weirded out about the situation so I had to confront her.  I asked her about it and she tells me...

"yea, so what I farted in his face.. what is the big deal"  then she has the actual balls to tell me "you should sniff one of my farts and you will know why your friend wanted to sniff one"

I felt so WEIRD and AWKWARD and before I could say anything she stood up and put her ass right in my face.  "come on.. it's ok.. sniff it" and she starts ripping FART AFTER FART after low bassy FART!  I must admit.. the smell was kind of interesting.. kind of like eggs... or potato chips.. IDK.. it was WEIRD!

Santana knows your opinion on farts is "the stinkier the better" but today they might stink TOO BAD for you to bury your face in there.  She ate some HOGS HEAD CHEESE and MAN her farts are the STINKIEST she has ever had!  she tells you.. "I know you wanted this but is it too much?"  "I am so sorry they stink so bad I cannot believe it"  she continues to rip DEEP low toned farts and you keep sniffing like a CHAMPION!

Your cute girlfriend Santana Redd gave you a fair warning...

"Dude I been farting up a storm in this kitchen you should probably leave"  when you don't leave right away she tells you "don't believe me, just wait" then she backs her ass right into your face and starts BLASTING away! as she is pushing out these DEEP RUMBLY FARTS she is telling you....


spoiler alert... you don't leave your BURY your face into that pantied ass and sniff away!

Santana is so proud of these farts because they are some of her LONGEST FARTS ever!  She had an "impossible burger" which is plant based veggie burger and it gave her out of this world gas!  She wants you to lay behind her so you can PUT YOUR NOSE IN HER CHEEKS while she BLASTS OFF!!

Every time Nicole farts she ends up SOILING HERSELF!  She ate some greasy spare ribs and they REALLY upset her stomach.. she got a bad gas of LONG farts... some of them 15 seconds long and they ALL end up as a BIG OL SHART between her butt cheeks!!

Watch sexy Santana Redd rip LONG BUBBLERS under water while relaxing and playing with her pussy!  She told me these farts REEKED OF ROTTEN EGGS!  fuck..  I wish I was there seeing those bubbles and smelling those farts!  plus I love watching hot chicks masturrbate!!!

Santana is the Queen of your fart life so get down there and sniff those BASSY farts from her skin tight jeans!  She is taunting you   *BRUUUUMPH*   "is that what you like?? sniff it right now" farting over and over again and ORDERING you to sniff them up!

Watch Sexy Mufasa rip RUMBLY JEAN FARTS in your face then turn around and show off them BEAUTIFUL BA LOONS in your face!  Man... imagine burying your face in that bubbly jean butt!!!

THIS IS SO HOT!  Dakota is REALLY into this.. kissing sniffing.. LICKING Miley Montana's asshole as she pushes out wet farts into her face!  one of the hottest girl on girl clips ever!

Santana Redd NEED TO USE THE TOILET!  she is FARTING UP A STORM in the kitchen and she warns you "DON'T COME IN HERE, PLEASE" because she is embarrassed of how bad it smells.  She is just trying to finish the dishes so she can go DUMP but in the mean while she CAN'T STOP FARTING!

Your hot roommate SANTANA REDD is ALWAYS masturbating.. also she is a gassy girl so she is always farting too!  So you keep walking in on her while she is masturbating and farting.. and she gets so PISSED!  it is weird, it's almost like she gets turned on by her own farting.. when she farts she says things like...

"yes, oh yes"  PARP "oh fuck yea" BRAPP "yes, yes fuck fuck fuck"

watching her fart and masturbate turns me on SO MUCH but she gets so mad when I walk in on her and bust her doing this.. as you can see from her reaction in the preview clip!

  MOOOOO like a cow is stuck in her butt.. plus she is so fucking pretty!

YOUR FART FETISH THERAPIST SANTANA REDD has just ended your therapy session.  But wait.. she tells you "you don't have to leave now.. do you want a drink?"  see your therapist has a secret CRUSH on you.. and she kinda thinks your fart fetish is "cute".  You guys start to drink a little and she begins farting DEEP FARTS IN JEANS and waving the smell over to you.. then she tells you "hey, don't worry our session is over, just enjoy my fart, it's ok"  then she waves the smell over to you... she begins to fart even more.. and she STANDS UP AND PUTS HER BIG ASS IN YOUR FACE and farts BASSY FARTS on your nose.. and tell you.. "it's ok, enjoy yourself.. it's after hours".. as time goes on she is getting even more "tipsy" she begins flirting with you.. and ripping fart after fart after TUBA SOUNDING fart!  she leans forward and tells you "I want to suck your dick so bad"  then begins to give you a wet and sloppy blowjob until you cum in her mouth!  you did it.. you broke your fart fetish therapist!!

Bunnies farts have a LOW DEEP HUM.. like a fucking TROMBONE... I LOVE her fart sounds!  She wishes you were there BEHIND HER so she could BLOW THEM IN YOUR FACE.. she even tells you...

"I wish you were here behind me right now"  she also tells you "be careful the smell like HELL today"

then after inhaling these DEEP TROMBONE farts into your nose you get to CUM IN HER MOUTH in the end!

FART FETISH THERAPIST DR. BUNNY is committed to helping your cure your obsession with hot girls farting.  She put on some TIGHT JEANS and she plans on ripping TONS of DEEP SOUNDING farts for you because you told her DEEP SOUNDS turn you on.. and she ate EGGS because you told her EGGY SMELLING FARTS turn you on... so .. together the two of you will figure out...  why are you such a FART FANATIC??

Bunny has been eating nothing but salad for 3 days straight and she says her farts smell just like ROTTEN VEGGIES!  she says she could "make a motherfucker PASS OUT with these farts".. so she pretends it is YOU sitting there.  she looks right at you and says "I'm gonna make you pass out motherfucker" and precedes to blow LONG BASSY, GASSY farts in your face over and over again...  until you pass out..  then in the end she looks at you and says "haha ha, I made you pass out you weak bitch!"  what a meanie face.

These MACHINE GUNN FARTS sounded like they HURT coming out!  Mufasa is breaking in her NEW JEANS but as the same time she might be destroying them.. with her powerfull GODZILLA GAS!


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We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested! Follow
us on Twitter at CWorldent

Although she is not a CWORLD GIRL I would put LOVE RACHELLLE up there as one of the hottest fetish girls ever!  and I would but MUFASA FART KING right beside her!!!  I don't know WHAT THE FUCK happened to this girl but she is NOW HOTTER THAN EVER!  and oh yea.. she wants to SHART IN YOUR MOUTH!!


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We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested! Follow
us on Twitter at CWorldent